Alice Merton – No Roots Ep (Zip Download)

Alice Merton - No Roots Ep (Zip Download)

Alice Merton – No Roots Ep (Zip Download)

in 2016, Alice Merton’s song about not being from anywhere, “No Roots,” hit the charts out of nowhere and shot to No. 1 on the Adult Alternative Songs chart, the first solo female performer to do so since Lorde.

After that colossal success, audiences have been eagerly awaiting its titular EP, out today. And Merton’s newest single, “Lash Out,” delivers on that promise with an even harder, more strident edge.

If “No Roots” sang of having your home “never on the ground,” then “Lash Out” is about finally finding that stable, terrestrial abode — and being pissed about what she observes there.

Observes Merton, “Being an artist and a human in this world always means confronting people who make you feel like you have to act according to their rules.

Like most people, I wanted and still want to live by my own rules. The idea, or, if you like, the need, to write and record ‘Lash Out’ was born of a feeling within me.”

Merton’s out for universality rather than specifics, though — may “Lash Out” serve whatever or whoever’s twisting a knife in your back. You can hear the song below.

Alice Merton – No Roots Ep (Zip Download)