Da$h – Gunsmoke

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Da$h – Gunsmoke

Da$h drops off a sinister new loosie called “Gunsmoke.” Where Da$h goes, gun smoke tends to follow.

On his new single, the New Jersey rapper takes to a sinister beat from THELATERPEOPLE and delivers a stream of threats. Or perhaps promises.

Either way, the tone is far from inviting. Given that the cover art is reminiscent of a classic drive-in horror movie, it’s no surprise we’re foraying into the macabre.

Trap drums pair with subdued yet menacing instrumentation as Da$h delivers a bevvy of flows. “N***s round me they some cutthroats,

need the bread gettin’ dumb loafs,” he raps, “like fuck with us you gettin fucked off, in the whip i call it duck sauce.”

The track is a brief one, and one wonders what matters of madness Da$h might get up to on an extended cut.

Either way, “Gunsmoke” is a welcome glimpse into the rapper’s twisted mind. Keep an eye out for this one.

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