Dice SoHo Ft. PnB Rock – Need More

Dice SoHo Ft PnB Rock Need More Mp3 Download

Dice SoHo Ft PnB Rock Need More Mp3 Download

In an era of instant gratification, it’s no surprise that some remain in a perpetual quest for excess. Count Houston’s Dice SoHo and PnB Rock among them, as evidenced by their latest collaboration “Need More.” No matter what it may be, the duo will no doubt covet more.

It’s that simple. Whether it be money, weed, foreign cars, bad bitches, sexual encounters, or lean, the hunt for satisfaction is doomed to never arrive. At least the journey remains enjoyable.

In keeping with the track’s bouncy instrumentation, SoHo decides to keep things lighthearted on this one. “Diamonds dancin’ on me I need more,” sings Dice, “she give me good giraffe, I had to get some more.” If the giraffe is that good, why wouldn’t you try for another round? It’s only logical really.

In truth, “Need More” isn’t exactly lined with lyrical depth. Still, it’s a pleasant melodic affair appropriate for the coming summer months. Should you find yourself needing more Dice SoHo, look no further. The man will be dropping off his new album this Friday.


Dice Soho – Need More feat. PnB Rock (Official Audio)

Dice SoHo Ft PnB Rock Need More Mp3 Download