Rick Ross – Green Gucci Suit Ft. Future

Rick Ross Green Gucci Suit Ft Future Mp3 Download

Rick Ross Green Gucci Suit Ft Future Mp3 Download

Rick Ross is back with his latest single “Green Gucci Suit,” and it reeks of big budget planning. The single assisted by Future, tells the story of a Green Arrow/Green Lantern partnership of rappers with sizable estates and eyes fixed on relative longevity.

Rozay recently lost a couple mill over a lawsuit where he had initially come out the victor. Part of Ross’ appeal is his lust for spending, even in the face of adversity. Rozay’s business ventures entail Wingstop franchises, and a recording imprint bridging together the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Rick Ross’ fate rests on the shoulders of his running mate Future, equally adept at keeping pace with the upbeat production. Future just cashed his first check in Tinsel Town, off the back of his double disc soundtrack to Superfly. The frenetic pace of the record is a statement in itself, Rick Ross suggesting he is back to form after a near-death experience, and Future showing he can exit the lurid state of intoxication when called upon.

Of course, Rick Ross & Future have a near flawless track record when collaborating together. “Green Gucci Suit” although out in select international markets on iTunes and Apple Music, the single is targeted for Midnight in the U.S. Check the snippet, or a leak elsewhere on the net.

Rick Ross Green Gucci Suit Ft Future Mp3;


Rick Ross Green Gucci Suit Ft Future Mp3 Download