Sammie – Series 31873.0 Ep (Zip Download)

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Sammie – Series 31873.0 Ep (Zip Download)

In honor of his 31st birthday, Sammie gave a gift to all of his fans. Following past birthday projects, the R&B crooner has delivered the brand new EP, ‘31873.0.’

Hot on the heels of his stellar 2017 album Coming of Age, the singer/songwriter continues to deliver top quality, personal R&B music. The 5-track EP consists of smooth slow jams and mid-tempo love songs.

On “Ride or Die,” he dedicates himself to his lady whom he compares to Clyde’s Bonnie. “I can’t live without you girl / So it’s us against the world,” he sings. “And that’s why you’re my Bonnie / I’ll be your Clyde / Your ride or die.”

But on “Different” Sammie gets even more honest about trusting new women and finding the right one to fully give his heart. “It’s crazy I got trust issues,” he sings. “These girls will sex me then they turn around and fuck my guy / And I’m just trying to be in love with you.”

Taking to Instagram to share his gratitude for all the fan love, Sammie wrote: “The LOVE and positive vibrations I’m forever grateful for. I’m a 31 year old man now doing what I was put on Earth to do which is bring souls closer to God. Thank you.”

Most recently, Sammie teamed up with Eric Bellinger for the pool party themed music video to their collaborative single “Show and Tell.”

Stream his brand new birthday EP below.

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